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My College Projects

October 29, 2016☕️ 1 min read

The list of all the projects that I worked on during my college period. Most of them are as part of assignments given in college. Some are big projects which took me almost months to complete and some are small front end static pages. All projects are in reverse chronological order.

1) Docstash - Personal Cloud Storage

Preview - https://docstash.herokuapp.com Source Code - https://github.com/rakshans1/docstash This project was built as my final year project in college. I wanted to learn and use new Technology like Node.JS, MongoDB, React, Redux. Docstash

2) Shoppcart - Ecommerce Grocery Store

Preview - https://shoppcart.herokuapp.com Source Code - https://github.com/rakshans1/shoppcart This project was the real introduce of programming for me. I learned about how client-server architecture works. Learned about how payment system is integrated, Admin panel, Hosting websites.

Other projects are available at Github

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